Riding Lessons

Lesson Lengths

Number of Students Duration
Group (4+ students) 1 hour
Group (3 students) 45 minutes
Semi-Private 30 minutes
Private 30 minutes


  • Students should arrive 30 minutes prior to their lesson to prepare their horse and spend 15 minutes with their horse after the lesson.
  • Parents and friends are not permitted in the barn while students are preparing their horses; however please feel free to wait in the tack-room.
  • Spectators are welcome to watch the lessons from the viewing lounge.
  • Students are asked to use Riverview tack and equipment on school horses only. Personal equipment is not permitted – this includes brushes, saddle pads, bridles, etc…
  • Group lessons (4 or more students) are 60 minutes, Group lessons (3 or less students) are 45 minutes, while private lessons and semi private lessons are 30 minutes of instructor time.
  • In the event that only one or two students are present for a group lesson, the instructor at their discretion may shorten the lesson.

Riding Atire

Students must come in proper riding attire. This includes an ASTM riding helmet, riding boots, and long pants. Students who come with shorts or inadequate footwear will not be permitted to ride (this rule is for the students safety)!!!

Makeup Lessons

Make-up lessons may be available to those students who give a minimum of 24hour cancellation notice. Make up lessons are not guaranteed. Lessons will be scheduled when / if a space becomes available and must be taken within 60 days of the cancelled lesson. Make up lessons may not necessarily be the same type of lesson (ie. A missed private might be made up as a group, etc…). It is the responsibility of the student to contact us by e-mail to cancel and book the make-up lesson (students may need to inquire about a make up lesson several times if a space is not currently available). If you do not hear back, it is because a make up lesson is not currently available and you should try back again in a few days. Make-up lessons maynotbe deducted from future invoice payments. Any missed lessons that do not fall under these terms and conditions will be forfeited.


Lessons are to be paid for on a monthly basis. Payment is due at the first lesson of each month. Payments after the 7th will be charged a $15.00 administration fee. Sorry no post-dated cheques. Lessons are booked by the month not by the week, therefore monthly payment is due whether or not you are able to attend all lessons in the month. Single lesson prices are posted for new students starting lesson mid month.
Note: A $15.00 fee will be charged for each NSF cheque received.